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veronika-dobrovolskaya said: About your exclusive items on pledgemusic - In the songbook "Illusion" lyrics will be written to handwritten text or it will be printed text?

the lyrics in the book are printed. it’s a table book including new photos and all the lyrics to ILLUSION songs.

enecoxstrify said: In der Box die man vorbestellen kann - welches der beiden T-Shirts von der Seite wird enthalten sein? (Ich habe sie schon vorbestellt aber ich denke drüber nach mir noch das andere T-Shirt zu bestellen.) Und wird die CD darin auch signiert sein?

Das T Shirt in der Box ist ein anderes als das T Shirt dass man separat bei PledgeMusic kaufen kann :) Auf dem Shirt in der Box ist kein Bild von mir, sondern der Schriftzug des Albums.

jackstrifyangel said: Hallo lieber Jack Strify. Wie geht es dir? Was ist das für ein Tattoo an dein Linken Oberarm außen ? Ich liebe Tattoos. Hdgdl ❤️


rose intersect

PledgeMusic is amazing!

Dear Friends of my art and music,

As most of you might have already seen, I currently run a campaign for my first full solo album ILLUSION on For those who haven’t heard of it yet, PledgeMusic offers a special kind of crowd funding or fan funding called direct-to-fan because you don’t merely “collect funds” but you offer something in return. Like this, you and me become a community and we make this album possible together. I can give you an exclusive insight on the work for my album before it is even released and I can make exciting things for you and me.

Now I get a lot of questions the last days whether my album will also be available on iTunes in the future because some seem to mistrust this new system you haven’t heard of before. The answer could be as simple as “yes” but it isn’t as easy as that. Before we started the project we did a little calculation of the minimal amount of money we need to pay the producers we work with, the studio fees etc. So we decided on an amount we needed, this is our target, our 100%. On PledgeMusic you don’t see the amount of money raised which I think is great, because it sets the focus on the project as a whole and I think that money is pretty boring. Doesn’t excite me very much to talk about it…

Thus, if we reach our goal and can finally finish the production of our songs and pay the producer, the album will be distributed through PledgeMusic first in November - and yes, later on also on iTunes. So you can decide whether you hope for other people to pledge and make this album happen or you can decide to contribute to the success of our campaign and pre-order one of the versions of the album or even get one of the exclusive items. 

Very soon I will start working on the layout of the booklet and the CD design, as well as the ILLUSION Songbook.

Soon we will also decide on the track list of the album. We chose 14 songs that we want to record properly for the album and depending on the outcome of our project, we will choose between 10 and 14 songs that will finally make it.

I want to thank everyone who pledged already. Every little amount helps to make this baby come alive! And I want it so badly :)

Check out my campaign on or check out some snippets of demos we recorded for the album below.


Jack Strify <3

domecullen said: Trackliste von deinem Album findet man wo, ohne den teaser nochmals anzuschauen (hab schlechte mbits(highspeed over)) DomeCullen <

Hey Dome, es gibt noch keine finale Tracklist für das Album. Sie wird zuerst  auf bekannt gegeben :)

lizabirina said: Hi, I want to ask. Your autograph on the booklet will be real or copied?

every autograph on ever item that has an autograph on it on will be real and signed by me after we reach our target :)

Listen to six demos we recorded for my planned album ILLUSION. Please support me by pre-ordering it or purchasing any of the items on #makeillusionhappen