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Thanks :) I don’t even know where these are coming from haha

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bestiya489 said: Dear Jack, what does tatoo on your righr forearm mean? What is written there or what's the pic? :)

those are zodiacal signs. on the right arm it is the sign for leo, my star sign. and on the left arm, it is the symbol for libra, my ascendant 

cameraspeed said: Salut Jack, tu vas bien? It's been a while. Well I know you've been busy lately (I saw you were traveling a lot) that's so cool ! I just wanted to say that I'm SO excited about the new material coming soon I can't wait. I saw the anonymous hate and it's very sad, do not listen to them. I believe in you and I know how passionate you are. I'll always be here stanning and rooting for you. Have a nice and wonderful summer. Shine on Bisous. <3

merci, thank you so much for your message! I can’t wait to announce the title of the album and finally show you what I’ve been working on the last year! the sound of my album is somewhere between new wave 80s and modern synthpop! :)

someonesosilent said: Are you a philosopher?

nope. I just have a lot of random thoughts in my head.

larilen said: strify i m very excited because of your album. when will it come out? can you tell us the name of your album? what about your promotion picture from instagram? is it your new album cover? please tell me i can t wait to get it. i m so excited :)

no, it is not the cover of my album but it is a new logo for it. at the beginning of august you will be able to pre order the album and the title will be announced! <3